I Forgot

I Forgot is a collection of original songs written by lead singer and songwriter, Leah Greene. With a mixture of grungy guitar tones and sparkly synths, I Forgot takes inspiration from confusion and paradox and just kinda paints glitter over it.

I Forgot is performing at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1 on December 13th at 7 pm. No-cover! Come say hi!

Check out an original song, Myths!

I Forgot will be releasing a direct-to-vinyl live session recording through Brooklyn based record label Leesta Vall Sound Recordings. “Each individual vinyl record contains it’s own unique performance of a song that only it’s purchaser will have/hear” – very cool!! Check back soon to preorder your own copy!

I Forgot is currently in the process of releasing a full length digital album, soon to be available on spotify, tidal, or wherever you stream your music! We will also maybe release vinyl. Idk yet. We are accepting love-based donations and will be soon be fun things and merch to fund this project. To donate you can venmo me @wowleahsings